Sandies Head Coach Jenna Buzek

Sandies Head Coach Jenna Buzek hosted a volleyball camp at the CHS Practice Gym for second through fifth graders. Buzek showed the group how to serve. (Jared Van Epps/Wave photo)

The Calhoun Sandies new volleyball coach hosted a two-day volleyball camp for second-grade through fifth-grade girls last Wednesday and Thursday.

Jenna Buzek hosted the camp to help the girls grasp the basics of volleyball by learning “to set, passing, serving and things like that,” she said.

The children split into two groups during the camp. The first group was second and third graders, and group two was fourth and fifth graders.

Buzek said a lot of the second and third graders haven’t touched a volleyball before and know very little. The fourth and fifth graders have either played in “P.E. or a club level” and know the basics, and she will work them faster, she added.

“To see them come into the gym during breaks and just want to pick up a volleyball and play with their friends it is awesome to see,” Buzek said.

Buzek was training future Sandie volleyball players, and she said it was “awesome” to coach them.

“I keep walking around with the other coaches saying, ‘oh there’s a setter, oh there’s a good server,’” Buzek said. “They learn these basics now, and when you get to see it, gets you excited for the future.”

Buzek said playing volleyball, especially at these children’s ages, is fun to be “inside, playing, and active.”

“Volleyball is growing as a whole, and the girls are picking it up and enjoying it,” Buzek said. “And so I like how it’s fresh and new in their eyes and, there is a lot of involvement at a young age.”