The CCISD school board held its final meeting of the 2018-19 school year last Monday at the HJM Elementary School library.

The board approved the hiring of Gowland, Strealy, Morales, and Company to perform the CCISD fiscal year audit agreement.

The district has worked with the firm in the past, and they sent a letter to the district to perform the external financial audit for the 2018-19 school year.

CCISD Superintendent Larry Nichols said their fee will be the same, and he added that they do a great job.

Later, the board discussed the property value concerning revenue sources.

In 2019 the TEA added an indicator to the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) requiring districts to discuss the impact of the property value changes with the board.

Robin Martinez, the director of finances for CCISD, presented the property value impact—funding lag report to the board.

Nichols said that the district had to do it because it was required, but he added that is no longer relevant under the new school finance rule.

Martinez said that the TEA wants to make sure that the board knows there is a “lag in the tax value” when budgeting.

Martinez discussed the lags and said if the school has a “higher collection rate” that is what the TEA is paying from, and there is always a lag.

“Sometimes it can harm us, and sometimes it doesn’t, but we have to look at that because we’ll owe money back when they catch up,” Martinez said.

With the passing of House Bill Three, Martinez said, the TEA now uses “current values” with the school districts, but Martinez added the problem with that district doesn’t know what the values are and neither does TEA.

“There is probably still going to be lag and a lot of settle up,” Martinez said. “This first year…we’ll be learning from this.”

According to Nichols, the early estimated tax value for 2019-20, listed as $2.6 billion, has changed to where it should be close to the 2018-19 value.

Additional school board actions:--

Approved an agreement for the purchase of attendance credits (WADA) netting chapter 42 funding for 2019-20--

Approved seven new projects that include replacing the Seadrift Middle School roof, Travis Middle School grass landscaping, new cafeteria doors for Port O’Connor Elementary, concrete for transportation department driveway, installing CHS track walkway, replacing the back chain link fence and Calhoun High School office renovation. The total cost of the projects is $434,285, and the board approved to use $435,000 from their 2013 bond funds.

--Discussed the impact of the legislative session and full day Pre-K