Seadrift City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, September 5, at Seadrift City Hall.

The council approved an increase in the tax rate of two cents from 54 cents per $100 valuation to 56 cents.

The tax rate allocation is broken down into three categories: 7.47 cents for streets and drainage, three cents for the wastewater plant, and 45.53 cents to the general fund.

The council approved the city’s 2019-20 budget with a general funding total of $743,091.

In other council news, the council approved new and existing street/drainage projects.

Seadrift Mayor Elmer Deforest discussed the street/drainage projects, and he said the county has begun to prepare to work on South 9th Street from Broadway to Bay.

“Ninth Street is failing miserably, and if we don’t do something soon something is going to happen since it is a heavy traffic street,” Deforest said.

Deforest said the 9th Street project could begin as early as next week [the week of September 9].

In other news, the council:

-- Approved a contract with Records Consultants Inc. to go through an approximate 150 to 200 boxes of old records

-- Discussed Falcon Point for a Development Agreement for providing water service


-- Harbor EDA: Submitted application and is working on additional requests

-- TDA TxCDBG 2019 FAST: Preliminary info shows that the city may be rewarded, subject to the final decision of CDBG, and completing paperwork.

-- CDBG—TDA Biennial Grant: Awaiting decision on grant

-- HOME: No new updates.

-- FEMA and GLO-CDBG-DR: Bay Front Restrooms: FEMA obligated and pending CDBG-DR Match fund, Bay Front Pier: work-in-progress, Seawall and 2nd Street (Bridge) to 3rd Street shoreline: Deforest said they ran into a glitch last week, and the city needs an environmental survey of the area for permitting purposes. 13th and 15th streets: obligated and USACE permitted, and Sportsplex: FEMA obligated and pending additional engineering and CDBG-DR

-- HMGP: Pending Review/award and CDBG-DR funding