Seadrift city council held their second budget meeting at city hall Tuesday, July 30.

The council reviewed the proposed two-cent tax rate increase and discussed other items listed in the meeting.

Seadrift Mayor, Elmer DeForest, said the proposed tax rate is 56 cents per $100 valuation, an increase of two cents from last year’s budget.

According to DeForest, of the 56 cents, 2.79 cents will be dedicated for general repair maintenance and operations; 7.97 cents for streets RM&O, and three cents for the wastewater treatment plant improvements.

The council held a public meeting Tuesday, August 6, about the preliminary setting of the tax rate.

“Once we set the preliminary tax rate, we can revisit and lower it in any subsequent meeting,” DeForest stated.

In other Seadrift budget news, the council reviewed the city’s water rates, wastewater rates, and tap rates.

According to DeForest, the base rates for water inside the city have not changed since 2003 and added he proposed a 50-cent increase across the board.

Other items discussed at the meeting: TMRS Retirement plan, Harbor Fund Budget, Hotel-Motel Budget and FEMA CDL Budget.