The Seadrift City Council held a teleconference with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Thursday, June 27, at City Hall.

The FEMA projects discussed were Bayfront Park; the Seawall and Second and Third Streets, the Municipal Harbor Debris, and the citywide DAC.

Extending the length of the seawall at Bayfront Park was a topic of discussion.

Brian Slie, of the Texas Recovery Office, said they studied the documentation from the site sections and added that some of the necessary repairs have been presented.

According to Seadrift Mayor Elmer Deforest, FEMA needs a repair analysis before mitigation for the seawall can begin.

The seawall repair will extend eastward to the bridge on Second and Third streets, and Slie said the funding [from the mitigation] for the repair will allow for plenty of latitude to extend the seawall to the bridge for protection of the roadway from erosion.

Another project discussed during the teleconference was the Pier Project. According to a member of The Environmental and Historic Preservation Program, a document regarding the project has been sent to The National Marine Fishery Service, but a response has yet to be received.

Finally, the Municipal Harbor Debris and the citywide DAC projects have been