The Lone Star Shootout announced Friday, June 19, that the annual fishing tournament is part of the Texas Triple Crown series.

According to the official press release by the Texas Triple Crown Billfish Series, it consists of three premier “Texas Gulf Coast Billfish Tournaments”, including Lone Star, the Texas International Fishing Tournament in South Padre Island/Port Isabel, and the Texas Legends Billfish Tournament in Port Aransas.

In the press release, the accumulation of points from each tournament’s top 10 teams will determine the grand champion boat, captain, and first mate of the Texas Coast.

Randy Bright, the chairman of the Texas Triple Crown series and Lone Star Shootout, talked about how the series came to be.

Bright said the idea of the Texas Triple Crown has been in discussion for 10 years between himself and several others to tie these three fishing tournaments into one series.

“So we started having conversations primarily with myself and the tournament directors for TIFT and the leaders of the Legends Tournament,” Bright said. “And we’re able to pretty quickly come to an agreement on a good simple format and move forward with it.”

The Texas Triple Crown series got the inspiration from East Gulf Coast Series, which includes the Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida Gulf Coasts, according to the press release, and the series “provides more interest and incentive for billfish anglers to participate in three Texas Tournaments.”

The Series will kick off in Port O’Connor with the Shootout, and Bright opined on the Lone Star Shootout kicking this series off.

“I think it’s awesome it has created a lot of buzz already, and we’re really proud to call Port O’Connor our home,” Bright said. “And Port O’Connor supports the tournament greatly, and we try to support Port O’Connor.”

Bright added Lone Star will get a little increase in the “participation” in the number of boats, which will increase “anticipation.”

With the number of COVID cases rising in Texas, Bright said once the tournament gets closer, the board will make decisions on what activities will look like.

“We’ll be communicating privately and publicly with our participants and the general public so that people will understand whatever measurements are determined,” Bright said. “We need to make sure we protect the safety and health of our participants.”

The Lone Star Shootout kicks off the Texas Triple Crown Series Thursday, July 21.

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