The Heritage Center lunch menu for the week of Aug. 19 through Aug. 23 is as follows:

Monday, Aug. 19 - Broccoli cheese soup, tuna salad on lettuce, tomato quarters, saltine crackers and oranges.

Tuesday, Aug. 20 - Tamale pie, pinto beans, fiesta corn and bread pudding.

Wednesday, Aug. 21 - Barbecue pulled pork, potato salad, sliced onion and pickle, apple cabbage slaw and fresh fruit salad.

Thursday, Aug. 22 - Hawaiian chicken, white rice, sugar snap peas, green salad, Hawaiian roll and coconut cream pie squares.

Friday, Aug. 23 - Oriental turkey wrap, potato chips and cookies.

Local seniors, age 60 and over are welcome to have lunch. A suggested donation of $5 is appreciated.