The Heritage Center lunch menu for the week of Aug. 26 through Aug. 30 is as follows:

Monday, Aug. 26 - enchilada casserole, Spanish rice, corn, tortilla chips and banana pudding with wafers.

Tuesday, Aug. 27 - Beef roast, barley mushroom casserole, roasted carrots, biscuit and cherry cheesecake brownies.

Wednesday, Aug. 28 - Salmon patty with cream sauce, white rice, green beans, wheat roll and gelatin parfait.

Thursday, Aug. 29 - Soft beef taco, flour tortilla, lettuce and tomato, calabaza squash, pinto beans and sheet cake.

Friday, Aug. 30 - Sweet and sour chicken, white rice, egg roll, sweet and sour sauce, sautéed cabbage and fortune cookie.

Local seniors, age 60 and over are welcome to have lunch. A suggested donation of $5 is appreciated.