Easter at Trinity Shores

Stephanie Ross, of Bethany Living, handing out Easter eggs to the children in vehicles last Saturday at Trinity Shores. Left to Right: Behind Ross you have the Bethany Living Easter Bunny, Activity Director Esmeralda Robles, and Trinity Shores Marketing Director Brenda McMahan. (Jared Van Epps/Wave Photo)

Port Lavaca locals drove to Trinity Shores last Saturday morning for an Easter Egg drive-by.

Many local businesses from Calhoun Home Heath, Bethany Living (and their Easter Bunny), and others lined the side of Trinity Shore Drive, handing out Easter eggs to the children of Port Lavaca in their family’s vehicle.

Last year, the children of Port Lavaca didn’t have a normal Easter due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, but Trinity Shore Marketing Director Brenda McMahan and Executive Director Betty Medlin wanted to change that.

“We knew that none of the kids were going to hunt Easter eggs [due to COVID]. I know last year we didn’t hunt Easter eggs, and the residents [of Trinity Shores] missed it,” McMahan said.

For COVID safety reasons, residents of Trinity Shores were sitting with their chairs on the sidewalk waving to the families that drove by.

“We wanted to share Easter with them [to the children], and our best way was to keep it as a drive-by, so we did,” Medline said.

Medlin said having the residents outside waving to the children receiving their eggs helps them be part of Easter as well.

“They get to see people. They get to see those kids wave at them and see them receive their Easter eggs,” Medlin said.

The Port Lavaca Police Department helped distribute the eggs and has always participated, Medlin added.

The businesses handing out eggs are businesses that helped Trinity Shores throughout the year in the different things they do, Medlin said.

A little league baseball team passed out eggs, Critendon Drilling Service, Inc has a family member at Trinity Shores, and they participated, and a Toddler Miss Texas Queen passed out eggs too, Medlin said.

Other businesses that passed out eggs are Richardson-Colonial Funeral Home, New Century Hospice, and Port Lavaca Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

The goal of the event is to let people know that Trinity Shores is keeping their residents safe as it can, Medlin said, by practicing their social distancing and having them able to see the world outside again.