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JEFFERSON, TEXAS - Texas is putting more armed teachers in classrooms.

Last week, Governor Greg Abbott signed a new bill aimed at boosting school security.

The new law allows local officials to arm as many teachers as they see fit, but it only applies to schools in the Marshal Program.

Under the Marshal program, willing school faculty undergo 80 hours of training, which includes active shooter scenarios and allows them to carry a handgun on campus.

House Bill 1387 prompted after 2018 Santa Fe shooting that killed eight students and two teachers.

Jefferson does not have the Marshal Program, but they have the Guardian Program. It requires 16 hours of active shooter training to willing teachers.

Jefferson superintendent Rob Barnwell says student safety is a priority and these programs ensure that.

"The quicker you have someone there to help stop something like that from happening, the better off we are,” said Barnwell. “Just hopefully, just having folks on campus that are trained and carrying a weapon can deter someone from doing something evil."

Abbott also signed another that well help students.

House Bill 18 refers to the mental health of students.

It increases mental health training for teachers and other school professionals to point out mental health concerns early to improve mental and behavioral health in students.

The bill asks schools to consider curriculum requirements and counseling programs.

These laws go into effect September 1.

Texas did not pass new gun restrictions after the Santa Fe shooting.

A student has been charged in the killings.

This article originally ran on ktbs.com.