Reader wonders about bay health

Dear Editor:

Are the bays sick?

Way back in the early 1930s, large families would gather at the San Antonio Bay and go swimming.

I, Dorothy Geraldine Wiliiams and brother were too young to swim. So dad and mom would wade out into the bay to a large tree and put us on the tree while they swam.

The San Antonio Bay was full of "old trees" washed into it from the Guadalupe River.

This was what a lot of families did for pleasure back then. Not one - no not one person took this old bad stuff "flesh eating stuff.

Answer me: Why?

I am now an old lady, nearly 87 years old, and have learned a thing or two in my lifetime.

I would say this stuff comes from the bay being polluted from stuff that ought not be there. A build up of "bad stuff" from this day and time. But old clean days are gone but not forgotten.

Wasn't born yesterday.

Dorothy Geraldine Wilson

Calhoun County medical staff thanked

Dear Editor:

I would like to say a special thank you to Dr. Bunnell and his staff, Memorial Medical Center for the wonderful care they gave to my husband George Spencer while he was MMC. A big thank you to the volunteer EMS here in Seadrift and the Calhoun County EMS. for the many times we had to call them. Also for all food, flowers and plants people sent in our time of need. There are quite a few people that did not leave a mailing address, so a big thank you. Just so many people myself and rest of the family that did not get to say thank you.

George L. Spencer Family

Thank you

Dear Editor:

Thank you Reverend David Holford and the Calhoun County Ministerial Alliance and TDECU for providing food and "freebies" for employees of Calhoun County Independent School District at our recent in-service. As a long time educator in Calhoun County, I was deeply touched by your generosity and thoughtful deeds. To show your appreciation in these special ways meant so much.

As another school year begins, it is a great feeling to know how much we are appreciated. Thanks again for making the beginning of the school year so special.

With much appreciation,

Cheryl Marwitz