Dear Editor:

I recently found out that the county is apparently going to close the landfill and recycling center due to budget demands and concerns. Located in PCT 2, the Commissioner’s Court and County Judge are locked in a dilemma on how to apportion available county funds in their budget and find there simply isn’t enough to go around. Because having the landfill and recycling center costs the county roughly twice what it would cost for the public to haul trash and recyclables directly to Bloomington, they are looking there to “find” money for other county projects. Personally, I do not want the LRC to close, as it is a convenience for those of us who do not live in the city or don’t have specialized garbage pick up. However, in talking to the commissioners I hear horror stories about citizen abuse of our facilities – i.e., garbage dumped in recycling containers, garbage dumped on roadsides, on roads and streets, dead animals dumped in ditches, mattresses and furniture dumped, and the list goes on and on. What this means, fellow Calhouners, is that time and labor – that we pay for in our taxes which would also go to keeping the facility open – is used to clean up the messes that uncaring people leave for others. It’s either that or mow over it and spread the mess. Living on Rosenbaum Road I have first-hand knowledge of the trash others leave behind because they are too lazy or too careless to actually get it to the LRC. I believe all the commissioners could add reams of stories about the problem.

I don’t have an answer, but please, please give consideration to keeping the LRC open, even if you shorten hours or days.

Joyce D. Schaefer