Dear Editor:

I am concerned with the hiring of ex congressman Farenthold by the Port of Port Lavaca - Point Comfort. The port has shown very poor taste in their hiring practices regarding Mr. Farenthold and this is a slap in the face to residents of District 27 as well as Calhoun County. Farenthold’s resignation prior to the release of the ethics committee report was at best a survival tactic and he has cost the taxpayers in District 27 a bundle because of the special election. Farenthold has left the voters holding the bag for his bad behavior. Farenthold has no business in or near government as a representative, lobbyist or any other function. Maybe he could pick up a job as a pajama lobbyist for the private sector. We need real solutions and real people to help us get the deep water port project underway. We need to stay competitive and economically viable in the port business. Farenthold will set the process back, as no one could in D.C. possibly take him serious after his past employment. This man is a personal and political liability, not an asset. Who was the major push to hire and why? Mr. Farenthold has lived in Corpus Christi and his base is there, you will find this is also where his interest is. Mr. Farenthold is only looking for a paycheck and we owe Governed Abbott, The Texas Federation of Republican Women, Representative Morrison and responsible elected officials more.

Thank you

Chris Mapp