Dear Editor:

Watching media reporting’s, comments from Hollywood, including the far left movement in California, are showing a division so great that even the great state of California wants to divide their own state into three different states, as different ideas have thrown them into a whirl wind of dysfunction. If this is allowed by congress there won’t be enough blue in our flag to house the stars they might create in future division. Professional actions are quickly becoming a thing of the past. It now is becoming replaced with hate, obscene comments and social disparity. Trump himself must find restraint in this environment. Participants of this behavior only extend division. From a failed first marriage, I learned early on that prejudiced and pointed comments are like darts thrown against one another. When enough darts are thrown, the marriage becomes so wounded that there is no desire or hope for reconciliation. At this point what began as love and caring has now become hate and anger that only separation and divorce are the only things left to save the sanity of these two fighting combatants. I fear America may have reached this point in a divided quagmire of once intelligent folks gone mad. The only hope for America is for dueling combatants to sit down together, leaving egos at home and realize that each point of view may not be the universal answer, listen to each other and compromise on what is best for all. Each must exhibit an open mind enabling one to be flexible without hesitation to see another’s point of view and understanding their thoughts and meriting a logical solution. Our lawmakers and our strong opinionated citizens, right or left, must realize that this strong division coupled with hate and anger only weakens and could destroy what’s left of a once proud country.

Mine and many others maturity was brought about by early lessons. Many of our irate citizens are displaying an immature and unprofessional behavior like children, throwing rocks at each other through social media, etc. No winner here, only bitterness is expanded. America wake up and smell the coffee and commence on a new day of love and caring before leaving home to go to work.

Donald Cook