Dear Editor:

The immigration dilemma has been caused by several reasons. As a young person the illegals were mostly migrant workers, working America’s farmlands usually in harvesting. As the harvest season came to a close, they would send or take their earnings back to Mexico to feed their family. Back then America took advantage of a cheap labor force. The pay that they received, though low, was better than what they could make working in their own country. Now most harvesting methods are mechanized thus diminishing or needing a large labor force. That era is now mostly history.

In the years following, a newer way to make big money faster, but with that a calculated risk has arisen. The drug cartels have now bloomed in many countries south of our border. However the competition between them has caused “Zero Tolerance” as the lower level operatives must show complete allegiance or risk reprisal to them, family or even associates. Unfortunately, this activity has spilled over and affects many. The Mexican government is trying for control, however struggling, as the cartels have a larger “cash” flow that enables them to buy or threaten some ranking government officials to bid the will of these powerful organizations. The innocent flee the violence in search of a honest lively hood and to not live in fear of the environment that they are born and raised in. The burdened situation is not only America’s dilemma, but to all western countries that see atrocities happening in countries that are out of control. Migration worldwide is spiking upward at an unprecedented rate.

Donald Cook