You know sometimes you are having a kind of up and down day, as I was on Oct. 8.

I decided to do my grocery shopping. So, list in hand I went to HEB, did my shopping and headed to the checkout.

There was a gentlemen ahead of me, and I started to put things on the counter, and he started helping me. We started talking, and he was a native Port Lavacian and I was a transplant. He paid for his groceries and said that he would be right back. I didn’t understand why he would be coming back. I just kept putting things on the counter.

He came back and helped me put things on the counter and said that he was going to pay for my groceries. I couldn’t believe what he had just said.

I told him that it was too much, but he said to pass it forward and have a blessed day.

I shook his hand and asked him his name. As we were walking out of the store, the young lady helping me said, “What is the matter?”

I told her that the man paid my bill, and she replied that it was a lot of money.

As we were loading the groceries, the gentleman walked away, turned, looked back and smiled. I was so taken back.

Sir may God bless you and keep you safe. I will pass it forward and thank you.

- Jane