Dear Editor:

The reason President Donald Trump has a fairly good following is actually pretty evident. Though many don’t like his style of occasional rough comments and an unorthodox mannerism, he does in fact, have some qualities that no past President has ever had that works in the environment that our adversaries have used for years. He doesn’t mind ruffling the feathers of our allies as he weighs the fairness and unfairness that America has shouldered since World War II, as the least of the war torn countries of this monumental conflict. Now that each and every country has had 70 plus years to recover, he sees America as a country that is tired of helping to rehabilitate some economies by helping many to be competitive in world markets. His unpredictable nature, his ability to change his mind over night, and then explain things that he does in a smoother manner than what we first thought, in fact, exactly hat our foes and adversaries have done to America for decades. To me, even though he is somewhat undisciplined, this nature of his not only matches our foes, but leaves them wondering the seriousness and capabilities of this man that cannot be out maneuvered, thus leaving them vulnerable and off guard as to what he will do next. He is our President and I feel he deserves his chance to make happen his campaign promises.

Donald Cook