Sandies volleyball

The Sandies finished 20-15 overall, 10-6 in district play and placed fourth in district. (Photo by Kellie Whitaker)

The Calhoun Sandies Volleyball season ended in the Bi-District round of the UIL Volleyball Playoffs Monday, November 4, with a 20-15 overall record and a 10-6 district record.

Sandies Head Coach Jenna Buzek reflected on her first year as Calhoun Volleyball’s head coach.

“I thought we grew, which is something you always want to do,” Buzek said. “I thought the girls started to kind of change mentality a little bit, which was my biggest focus this year,”

Overall, Buzek said her first year was satisfying, but “of course” would have wanted to do better, but she added those are things that her team can “grow on.”

The Sandies had their ups and downs this season, and Buzek said after tournament play, her team had some down moments from dealing with a three-game losing streak in district play.

“After we would sit and discuss, and figure things out, I think we went upward,” Buzek said.

Buzek added that her team figured out and “fixed” and any issues and “went back up” on the winning track, and she said those were some of the positives that came out the season.

The Sandies had six seniors on the team, and Buzek talked about the group that she inherited from her predecessor, Kristen Spencer, and how they accepted her as the new head coach.

“I know it’s always hard. I know they don’t have control of it, but it’s hard to accept somebody new coming in,” Buzek said.

After the loss to Gregory-Portland, Buzek said the seniors came and hugged her and her staff, and thanked them for everything.

“I just didn’t want to come in and do a disservice to them, so the fact they were thanking me for coming in their senior year was great.”

Next year the Sandies will have a lot of new faces on the team, and Buzek talked about the future of the team heading into her second year as the head volleyball coach.

“It’s definitely going to be tough, but there’s a lot of girls in the program, from junior high to freshman to JV that like the game and have the skills,” Buzek said.

Buzek said, heading into the offseason, it is important to go back and regroup and figure things out. She added that she is excited to get started working in the offseason.

The Sandies will have to deal with a district realignment next season, but Buzek said sometimes change is good, and other times, it’s bad.

“It’s nerve-racking because it’s a big deal…but no matter what. I still got to do what I do and keep the girls focused, and if we play that way, we can be competitive with anybody.” Buzek said.