Senior Josh Huang during one of team’s practices at the Calhoun tennis courts. (Jared Van Epps/Wave Photo)

The Calhoun tennis team is wrapping up its regular season with its sights set on the district title.

Calhoun tennis coach Jeffery Kubena talked about the season that is in progress.

Kubena said that the singles season is going well, and he saw really good results from the tournaments this season, especially in doubles.

Kubena will have his seniors Josh Huang, Mason Reese, Say Echlo, Colt Morris, Angle Tung, and Kelly Xu for their final year of tennis, and having their leadership and motivation is important.

The seniors do a good job motivating the “students that are coming up,” Kubena said.

“In tournaments, they’ve really come out firing, especially considering it’s their senior year, They’re motivated, and they’ve got that fire lit, and it’s just getting bigger and bigger,” Kubena said.

The Calhoun tennis team will compete in the district meet on April 9 and April 10.