Senior cross-country star Emme O’Donnell at Coletto Creek Park last Saturday for the St. Joseph Cross Country Invitational Meet. O’Donnell finished in first place with a time of 18:16, and collected her second, first place finish of the season. Both Calhoun Cross Country teams will compete in the Flour Bluff Invitational Meeting this Saturday. (Photo by Kellie Whitaker)

The Calhoun Cross Country teams competed in the St. Joseph Invitational Meet at Coletto Creek Park last Saturday.

The Sandies finished in third place overall with Senior Emme O’Donnell taking first place at 18:16 and Sophomore Phoebe Huang finishing behind O’Donnell at 19:15.

The Sandcrabs finished in sixth place in the meet. Dylyn Gonzales was sixth at 17:57, and Ismael Herrera finished 14th at 18:28.

The Calhoun Cross Country team will travel to Flour Bluff for the Flour Bluff Invitational at Malaquite Beach this Saturday.



Team results: Third Place

Emme O’Donnell, 1st: 18:16

Phoebe Huang, 2nd: 19:15

Rea Chrisco, 33rd: 23.38

Chelsea Saenz, 34th: 23:50

Doreen Luo, 35th: 23:53

Victoria Varela, 38th: 24.11

Cristina Jaramillo, 49th: 24:52

Alysha Padilla, 62nd: 25:18



Team Results: Sixth Place

Dylyn Gonzales, 6th: 17:57

Ismael Herrera, 14th: 18:28

Seth Sandberg, 24th: 19:06

Alex Tafolla, 56th: 21:17

Juan Andrade, 69th: 23:37