The 2019 Calhoun High School junior varsity and Varsity tennis team

The 2019 Calhoun High School junior varsity and Varsity tennis team members are: Alexis Pham, Emily Pfeifer, Pheobe Huang, Annie, Angel Tung, Azariah Lara, Joshua Huang, Caleb Huang, Say Ehklo, Kelly Xu, Lauren Garcia, Vanessa Nilsen, Khue Nguyen, Kiera Fleming, Mason Reese, Patrick Boatright, Zaydic Cardenas, Skylyr Rosenbrock, Colt Morris, Ty Kolar, Krishan Patel, Peter Nice, Cheng GiGi, Ben Pena. Coaches are Jeffery Kubena, varsity, and Paige Horadam, junior varsity. (Photo by Kellie Whitaker)

Jeffery Kubena enters his first season as the new Calhoun Tennis coach and has confidence in the team that he is building.

Kubena said he doesn’t know what to expect from this district and hasn’t seen the other teams. He added this situation is a whole lot different.

Kubena had the chance to see the talent of his seniors, juniors, and sophomores, and he said they are everything he expected.

At the end of last season, Kubena said he and former coaches Norwood and Ferguson worked with the current team on volleying, getting to the net, and being aggressive. He added the players bought into the system.

“So a lot of my seniors and juniors are getting to the net, and they’re doing what it takes to make them better,” Kubena said. “And as long they keep buying into the system it’s going keep going up from here,” Kubena added.

Kubena set high expectations for his players during his first year as coach.

“Every day they come out here on these courts they need to work hard as a team,” Kubena said.

The team begins district play Tuesday, September 3, on the road against Miller, and Kubena said he’s not talking about other teams or players. He added they are going to play the way they practice.

“Every single match we go out to play, we’re going to play like it’s the first match,” Kubena said. “And we’re going to treat every team with the amount of respect they deserve.”