State championship

From left, Victoria Cobra Freshman Ezra Zacharias, Senior Micah Zacharias, and Freshman Trenton Blank, with the state championship trophy in their 46-24 win over BVCHEA. (Contributed Photo)

The Victoria Cobras defeated the BVCHEA Mustangs, 46-24, winning their first title last Saturday in Bryan, and three local Port Lavaca kids hoisted the trophy to be part of history.

Senior Cornerback Micha Zacharias, 18, Freshman Lineman Ezra Zacharias, 14, and Freshman Center Trenton Blake, 15, all from Port Lavaca are part of the Six-Man Football team.

The Cobras are a home school group, and according to the mission statement, the team provides a competitive environment for both middle and high school athletes in the Victoria and surrounding areas.

The boys talked about their experience in winning a title, and the road traveled to get to that point.

“It was a really cool experience, going and being able to play with an amazing group of people and making it all the way to the championship game,” Micha Zacharias said.

The Cobras finished the with a 9-2 record this season and had a rematch against BVCHEA who beat them, 45-6, in the regular season.

“We played them in the second game, and they mercy-ruled us,” Valerie Zacharias, mother of Micha and Ezra, said. “So, the championship game was like a redemption game for the boys.”

According to Zacharias, the team had a couple of injuries, and in the second game of the season, they hadn’t played as a team yet.

The Cobras finished with a 3-2 district record and began their redemption tour with their first playoff win in the program’s history.

In the championship game, the Cobras were down 19-24, heading into halftime, Zacharias said, and she added the boys came out in the second half and scored 27 unanswered points.

Blank and Ezra Zacharias were on the junior high team last year, and Blank talked about playing year two on the team.

“We’re always the bigger guys on the field, and I think it was definitely an eye-opener this year,” Blank said.

Blank added that with this state championship can “forge a path” to help the team keep winning and attract more people to the team.

Blank and the Zacharias brothers were the three players representing Port Lavaca, and Blank said it was an “honor” to represent the city and play with his football brothers.

“These guys are special to me, they are like brothers on and off the field,” Blank said.

As a senior this year, Micha Zacharia talked about how this experience and how it helped him grow as a person.

“It’s helped me grow my faith in God because I rely on him for everything,” Zacharias said. “He is the reason why we won. I give all praise, all the glory to him for letting us win our championship game.”

Tara Blank, Trenton Blank’s mother, talked about the championship game and being so happy for the boys winning the state championship.

“We’re [she and Valerie Zacharias] so happy for the boys, for all the hard work they’ve done this season,” Blank said. “And it was just a joy to see how excited they were, and all the hard work and playing together as a team…paid off for them.”

Blank added that is what she wants for the kids, ‘to do well at everything they do and do their best’, and that is what they did last Saturday.

Kevin Riggs and Bert Schoonover coached the Victoria Cobras to their 9-2 record and the state championship.