The Calhoun Sandcrabs 2019 season began Monday with the start of two-a-day practices.

Sandcrabs Head Coach Richard Whitaker enters his 15th season at Calhoun

After the offseason, he said he is getting his players back under the wheels.

“The goal right now is to get the wheels under us, and we don’t have alot of time to get there, so we have to get our wheels under us,” Whitaker said.

During practice, Whitaker coached up his offense about the new blind side block rule to get them used to it before the season begins.

“Just like the cut block rule last year, it was something that we had to change and started to get inside their head day one. That’s what we’ll do now.” Whitaker said.

Whitaker added when going into the flex his players were too aggressive on the linebackers, and that something that that his team can’t do anymore. He said his players have to come in as a “shield guy” and the will continue to coach that every day.

The Sandcrabs have some of their star players back, which include quarterback Connor Kestler, linebacker Cade Kveton, and fullback Steve Johnson.

Kestler said he is glad to be back, even though the offseason was fun, he added the real season begins now.

Kestler will have new faces on the offense this season, mainly on the offensive line, but he said he believes they’ll come up strong and be as good as last year.

“It’ll just take some time for them to get their chemistry with each other, and me too, I have to know what they like to block, and what their calls are and all that good stuff.” Kestler said.

Johnson, an All State fullback returns for his junior year on the varsity team and was excited to get back on the field.

“I just want to get back into it, working all summer, and just to do what we do best and play football.” Johnson said.

Johnson will be doing a lot of work this season by playing some at safety, but said he’ll handle the change this season.

“It’s the coaches decision and everything he makes I’ll just adjust to it,” Johnson said. “And if I want to go on and play to the next level, I have adjust to their position too.”

Johnson added he has been working on the safety position during the summer, and he said that it’s not a “big leap,” but it is something that he is looking forward to.

Calhoun will have its leader on defense back this season. Kveton, who was named the best linebacker in the district last year, said it felt amazing to be with his brothers back together for another season.

Kveton has three goal for this season, he said his goal is to get back into the playoffs, beat Calallen, and gt further in the postseason than last year.

The Sandcrab will kick off the 2019 season against Victoria West at Memorial Stadium.