Sandcrabs Junior Striker Jose Ledezma going pass Santa Gretrudis defender and goal for one of his three goals in Calhoun’s, 12-1, victory. (Photo by Kellie Whitaker)

The Calhoun Sandcrabs Varsity dominated visiting Santa Gertrudis last Wednesday, 12-1.

The Sandcrabs shifted their focus after the game to district play, and Sandcrabs Head Soccer Coach Esequiel Quiralte talked about the importance of not letting the score distract his team.

“It is important for us to concentrate on the game on Tuesday (Please see the score for the Victoria East game), but tonight’s game I’ve been telling my players every game is useful.”

Quiralte added that this game was very beneficial for his team to try “different strategies and rotate positions.”

This week kicks off district week for Sandcrabs soccer, and Quiralte knows that Victoria East, Victoria West, and Veterans Memorial are three out of the four playoff teams from last year.

He said that those three teams will battle for playoff spots again, and Quiralte added that he knows that there is a rivalry between the Victoria Schools and Calhoun.

“This is not an exception, and Victoria East, I’m sure they want to win this game, but we do want to win this game too,” Quiralte said. “And so that is why I say it’s going to be a very good game, and fans are going like that and enjoy.”

Sandcrabs Junior Striker Jose Ledezma dominated with three goals, and he said it felt good to score those goals and to get the win.

The Sandcrabs defense prevented Gertrudis from going across Calhoun’s side of the field, and Midfielder Marco Martinez helped contain the opponents and helped create plays for the offense.

Martinez said he doesn’t care about scoring goals for himself and added it’s about helping his team win.

The Sandcrabs played Victoria East yesterday, please go to Wave Sports for the score.

The Sandcrabs will host Corpus Christi Carroll in the home district opener.

The game starts at 8 p.m.