Sandcrabs prepare for Warriors

Sandcrabs Head Coach Richard Whitaker and his team getting back to work on Monday in preparation for a big matchup on the road against the Tuloso-Midway Warriors this Friday in Corpus Christi. (Jared Van Epps/Wave Photos)

The Sandcrabs went back to work Monday afternoon in prep for Tuloso-Midway in wake of last weeks win was forfeited.

The Sandcrab’s defense shined last Friday shutting down Alice’s passing attack and scoring two defensive touchdowns.

Sandcrabs Head Coach Richard Whitaker said this Friday’s game against the Warrior is much different than last week.

“We all knew Alice was going to throw the ball at great deal, this team hear is going to run the football,” Whitaker said.

Whitaker added Tuloso-Midway is a multifaceted team and “do a lot of different things”, and it is “difficult” to prepare for.

The Sandcrabs will go into a Tuloso-Midway against a Warriors team that won the biggest game in 15 years against Southside, Whitaker said.

Calhoun has respect for Southside after losing to them last year, and Whitaker said if their loss to Tuloso-Midway doesn’t open his player’s “eyes and attention” and he added this is going to be a “tough” football game heading into Friday night.

“I know that our kids are going be resilient and I know they’ll be focused, and I know they’ll be ready, and they’ll be fine.” Whitaker said.

Whitaker went over the keys for victory, and the biggest one “offensively” is to take advantage of opportunities.

Whitaker said when facing a passing team like Alice last week, it gave his team “opportunities” on offense with the time stoppage, but he added the Tuloso Midway are “ground and pound” team.

“They want to run the clock, and limit your opportunities,” Whitaker said. “So offensively we’re not going to have as many opportunities as last week, and we must take advantage with the one that we get.”

The Sandcrabs offense to advantage of the clock management against Alice, and Whitaker said his team and Tuloso-Midway both have the same aspects, but he added his team needs to finish drives.

The Sandcrabs failed to covert the ball on fourth down three times inside Alice’s 30-yard line, and Whitaker said “it’s not pleasing for” for him and his players.

“I talked to the kids on Saturday about this already, you are not going to get a many opportunities [against Tuloso-Midway],” Whitaker said. “And those good drives have to be completed, and we have to finish those drives off and get points out of them.“

Whitaker added as long as they finished the drives, he’ll faith that his defense will have “more stops” than Tuloso-Midway’s defense.

Calhoun travels to Tuloso-Midway this Friday for the third district game of the season.