The Calhoun Sandcrabs powerlifting head coach Roger Saenz is making the preparations needed to get his team ready for the state powerlifting meet.

The state meet is in Abilene on Saturday.

Saenz said the preparation for state started “three weeks out.”

“We printed out a schedule, and in that schedule we explained the first three stages. In those three stages was how we are going to practice, how we visualize, and how we prepare, meaning in terms of portions of our process with weights, explosive drills and rest.” Saenz said.

The practices for the Sandcrabs have been intense leading up to state this Saturday. Saenz said during their weeks off, he has placed “high demands” on their practice schedule.

“Our repetitions, especially this part of the year, may not be as high, but the quality of the repetition in the weights and the percentage is what counts, and the types of work outs that we do, the intensity is a lot higher.” Saenz said.

Calhoun will take on big competition from teams like Weslaco East, Edinburg Economedes, and Dickinson, according to Saenz.

“We’ll be seeing the highest levels of competition.” Saenz said. “There are some weight classes that these lifters are going to compete in that are just phenomenal.”

Saenz added he is proud that his team is “every bit” as up there with them.

The Sandcrabs will have five lifters representing Calhoun in state. Seniors, Sylias Montgomery, Leo Madera, and Juan Lebron, and sophomores, Jakob Cortez and Chase Chapa, are the five lifters.

Madera said this year is not “fun and games”, and he is taking a more “focus approach” to state than last year, and he added that the competition in his weight class is “tough.”

“I thought I did well in this last meet, and came up sixth (place). Hopefully I can close in those gaps and place in the top five,” Madera said.

Madera continued that the practices leading up to state have been “very intense,” and he said last week his team had vigorous practices.

“The practices have been really intense, we are focusing on the big picture and that is winning it,” Madera said.

Montgomery said. “In order to that we have to prepared for that, we are practicing three days a week and getting ready for it.”

Montgomery, Madera, and Lebron are set to lift in their last meet for Calhoun, and Montgomery said he treats every meet as “his last.”

“This is the last time I’ll be with my brothers and going out there on Saturdays, preforming, lifting weights and trying to get wins. So this is a big one for me.” Montgomery said.

Saenz said he is proud of his three seniors, he added these guys “look at adversity in the eye.”

“They put their best foot forward and they want to achieve goals…And they certainly achieved their main goal, which is to get to this meet.” Saenz said.

Chapa said the three seniors showed “leadership and maturity” throughout the year, and he further stated that they know what is best for him and Cortez, and know what to do next.

The Sandcrabs will leave Friday to head to Abilene for the state meet which is on Saturday.

The meet is held at the Abilene Expo Center located at 1700 Highway-36.

The doors open at 7:30 a.m.