Orta and Foester

From top, Rosie Orta and Abby Foester attempt to finish a play last Tuesday against Industrial.(Photo by Kellie Whitaker)

The Calhoun Sandies Volleyball team tipped off their new season last Tuesday at home with new head coach Jenna Buzek.

Buzek got a chance to see her varsity girls in action against St. Joseph and Industrial.

In the St. Joe match, the Sandies were down, 2-0, but fought back to play a fifth set but lost.

“I like that we’re getting them so early on because that tests your fight and finishes and those types of things,” Buzek said.

There were a lot positives from that first match, and Buzek said from scrimmages to the first match she got to see the hustle from her players, make plays and awareness to where the ball is.

“I think this is the best that I have seen them yet, but there is so much to go.” Buzek said.

Despite losing in five sets against St. Joe, the team stayed positive and pushed on to force a fifth set.

Buzek said the are five sets for a reason, and added that there is going to be a lot back and forth matches this season

“You just have to keep reminding them, that you might be down by two, but that is why you play three out of five.” Buzek.

Buzek faced take on her former team, Industrial, Tuesday night, and said she was excited to see her old team.

“I know our girls have been working, and I worried about what we do on our end,” Buzek said. “So as long that we keep playing and doing the things that we are doing, it doesn’t matter who is on the other side.”

Buzek and the Sandies were swept by Industrial, 3-0.

Stats of the game:

--St. Joe--

Cayori Williams led the team with 13 kills and eight blocks.

Paige Weaver led the team with 25 digs.

Rosie Orta led the team with 29 assists.


Williams led the team with 7 kills.

Jacy Hroch led the team with two blocks.

Weaver led the team with 13 digs.

Rosie Orta led the team with 13 assists.

Keri Grantland led the team with two aces.