Girls Powerlift

LEFT to RIGHT: Kennedi Butcher, Lexi Iglesias, Selma Anaya-Martinez, and Alayna Searcy took home medals at the Regional Powerlift Meet last weekend. (Photo by Kellie Whitaker)

The Calhoun Sandies Powerlifting traveled to PSJA Southwest High School for the Regional Powerlifting meet last Saturday.

The Sandies finished in third place with 18 points, with four lifters finishing in the top five.

Alayna Searcy placed first in the 259+ Class with a total of 1130 pounds. Kennedi Butcher finished in second place in the 198 class with 1090 pounds. Lexi Iglesias finished second in the 97 class with 680 total pounds. Salma Ayana-Martinez was fifth in the 114 Class with 790 total pounds.

Calhoun will travel to Waco for the State Powerlifting Meet next weekend at the Extraco Events Center.

The Sandies will lift on Saturday, March 21.

The meet starts at 8 a.m.

--Regional Meet Results--

97 Class:

Iglesias (2nd) – 680 lb total

114 Class:

Ayana Martinez (5th) – 790 lb total

Raelin Luna (7th) – 750 lb total

Kara Smith (17th) – 690 lb total

Kamaryn Hernandez (18th) – 685 lb total

Payton Cox finished (20th) – 685 lb total

123 Class:

Eh Nay Gay Hso (6th) - 840 lb total

Geraldine Tafolla (10th) – 800 lb total

148 Class:

Katya Garza-Rodriguez (18th) – 800 lb total

165 Class:

Vivian Galindo finished (19th) – 825 lb total

181 Class:

Noelia Rodas (14th) – 850 lb total

198 Class:

Butcher (2nd) - 1090 lb total

259+ Class:

Searcy (1st) -  1130 lb total